Roulette Game

Roulette is a very simple game to play. A wheel having numbered pockets inside a hollow dish is spun by a croupier. Then the dealer (croupier) puts a small ball into a channel around the side of the roulette dish and then spins it in the direction opposite to the rotation of the roulette wheel. Gravity will eventually make the ball to fall onto the spinning wheel, where it bounces around until it stops in one of the pockets. Winning and losing depend on where the ball lands and which bets players have laid prior to the spin. Each spin of the wheel is a new game.

All wagers are paid prior to the next spin of the wheel, and all new wagers must be placed before the following spin occurs. However, bettors can continue placing wagers right up to the instant before the ball drops down and bounce around the rotating wheel, which the dealer will announce "no more bets." Roulette is the only game in the casino, apart from most slot machines, where bettors are just spectators and can make no judgments to benefit the result of the game.

When you approach a Roulette table, the first thing you do is change your money into Roulette gaming chips. Unlike gambling chips used in all other table games, Roulette gaming chips show no denominational value. In all other table games, if you buy a $5 chip you will get a red chip with "$5" printed on it. When you buy Roulette chips, the value of each chip is determined either by the value you specify each such chip to have, or automatically by the value corresponding to that table's minimum betting requirement. For example, say the table minimum is 50-cent chips. This means that if you change $20, and do not specify the value of the Roulette chips, the croupier will automatically give you 40 gaming chips, each of which has a value of 50 cents. However, you can specify the value of these chips. If instead of 50-cent value you wanted each chip to have a value of $1, all you have to do is ask the dealer for "twenty dollars in one-dollar chips, please." By doing this you are increasing the value of the Roulette chips from the table's minimum. You can specify that the chips you buy have any value from the table minimum up to $5 each. If you specify $5 value chips, then you will get the red chips with the $5 value printed on them. These are the same chips you will normally get in all the other table games. If you intend to bet $25 chips, or $100 chips, then the same applies.

The reason for this system is that most Roulette players will bet only $1 chips, or chips of lesser values. Of course, this does not prevent you from stacking the chips up. Even if you bought $20 in 50-cent chips, and decided to bet them all on the one number, it would be perfectly okay to do so. In that case you would just stack them all up one on top of the other, on the number you want to bet. If you do this, the dealer may suggest that you simply bet four red $5 chips instead, but it makes no difference to the game. In fact no one will bother you or question any of your decisions. All the casino requires is that you make at least the minimum spread, and from that point on if you want to bet a sky-high stack of chips it's fine by them.