Free Online Roulette Glossary for Everybody

Learn what chasing losses, en prison and chameleon strategy and other online roulette terms mean with the use of this very helpful free online roulette glossary!

Free Online Roulette Term #1 - Straight Up Bet When you play a straight up bet, you're going to choose 1 out of 36 numbers and then you're going to cross your fingers very hard till they break in the hopes that you'll win.

Free Online Roulette Term #2 - First Five Bet You're betting that one of the first 5 numbers in the American wheel - specifically, 00, 0, 1, 2 & 3 - would show up in the next turn.

Free Online Roulette Term #3 - Dozen Bet Choose one of the three sets of dozen and hope that the roulette's next choice of number would belong to the specific dozen set you chose.

Free Online Roulette Term #4 - American Wheel Roulette players who use the American wheel have lesser chances of winning because of the two spaces with zeros in the wheel. You're better off playing the European Wheel.

Free Online Roulette Term #5 - Black Bet When players make black bets, this means the next spin would produce a number in the black box. Payoff is 2 to 1 for this type of bet.

Free Online Roulette Term #6 - Biased Wheel When a wheel is biased, it has the tendency to spin on a particular force or speed or hit on a number in a frequent basis. There's no chance of that happening if you're playing roulette on the Internet.

Free Online Roulette Term #7 - Capping a Bet When a player is said to cap a bet, he's trying to cheat by adding more chips to a winning bet. Naturally, you can't cap a bet if you're playing roulette on the Internet.

Free Online Roulette Term #8 - Casino Advantage The casino advantage refers to the chances that the house would win on a certain bet. An example of a bet with high casino advantage is the first five bet.

Free Online Roulette Term #9 - Chasing Losses When a player chases losses, he's increasing his bet size successively in the mere chance of winning back what he lost on the wheel.

Free Online Roulette Term #10 - En Prison Not all roulette games allow the en-prison option. If the wheel ends on a zero, your even money bet would be captured; if the bet wins on the second wheel, you only lose half of your bet.

Free Online Roulette Term #11 - Chameleon Strategy You mimic other players' strategies in hopes of winning.

Free Online Roulette Term #12 - Parlay You double the size of your bet.

Free Online Roulette Term #13 - Sacred Money The money you can't afford to lose.