Martingale Progression for Roulette

Of all the systems that are used for roulette, the Martingale Progression is one of the most popular. This system works on the theory that one big win is more than enough to recover all previous losses you incur in playing roulette.

The Martingale Progression means doubling your bet amount after every loss. For example, if you bet $5 on your first bet, you must bet $10 on the next bet, and so on. To use the Martingale Progression, you must have a large bankroll to start with. If your bankroll is not large enough, you risk losing all your money with no hope of recovering all your previous losses.

For your initial bet, any amount will do, but it should be a small amount. After each loss, you double your bet. It's possible that you will suffer consecutive losses, making your last bet a very large one, so make sure that you have enough money to continue playing roulette.

The Martingale Progression is popular among many roulette players because it promises to recoup their previous losses with enough to spare. The system also enables you to keep tabs of losses and to recoup these losses, allowing you to make some profit no matter how many times you lose a roulette game. However, just like any other gambling system, the Martingale Progression is not perfect.

One big flaw in the Martingale Progression system is the possibility of roulette bets reaching extravagant or extremely high amounts. This might not be a problem if you have an unlimited bankroll, but if your bankroll is small you might not be able to double your last bet, causing you to lose all your previous bets.

Perhaps to neutralize the effect of the Martingale Progression, some casinos also place limits on the maximum amount to bet in roulette. The maximum limit discourages roulette players from using the Martingale Progression because the player cannot double the bet once the maximum is reached.

The initial bet using the Martingale Progression has to be small because the bet amounts can get big very quickly. This poses another problem. If the first bet is big, you may not be able to double the last bet, but if your initial bet is very small, your profits from a roulette game will be very small also.

All in all, the Martingale Progression is still a good system you can use in playing roulette, but it is far from perfect. You can use the Martingale Progression if you are looking for a safe and sure way to play roulette. In the end, you still need a bit of luck to win in roulette.