Never in my life I made such a gamble, while I looked at the roulette wheel spins slowly, I started thinking about what I have done. How can be so stupid? I thought to myself, how can I make a bet on such a game when I know the chances are so low? Don't I have a mind of my own? Am I so addicted to gambling that I'm doing those bets without even thinking before?

I tried to concentrate in the game, maybe it's not the end, I can make money after all, there are many stories about simple folks that made huge bets in casino s and won the entire jackpot. I can make it; I just have to believe in myself and maybe add a prayer to god.

The wheel has stated to stop, I thought for a second I saw the ball at the 8 slot, I closed my eyes, opened them again and there it was, the roulette has stopped on 8, my lucky number. The dealer announced me as the winner and me, instead of jumping and shouting with joy just stood there shocked. I won the money; I won at the roulette game.