Tips to Play Better Roulette

Roulette is said to be the game you can't beat. Similar to slot machines, roulette give you very little control of the game. Once the wheel starts spinning, there is nothing you can do to influence the outcome of the game. But there are some things you can do to play roulette better.

Tips to Play Better Roulette

1. Avoid double-zero roulette wheels. That second zero you see in some roulette wheels are there to give a greater edge to the casino. To illustrate: There are always 36 numbers on a roulette wheel, so the payout odds for a winning single-number bet must be 35 - 1, right? It is, but that is actually less than what you should be paid. On a two-zero wheel, there are actually 38 numbers due to the added zeros! So the true odds are 37 - 1 while the payout I only 35 - 1! The difference gives the casino a 5.26% edge. Minus the math, it means you're likely to lose all your money before you hit the number you bet on.

2. Play single-zero roulette wheels with the en prison rule. On a single-zero wheel, the odds are only 2.7% in favor of the casino. If you add the en prison rule, it drops to a mere 1.3%. Unfortunately, the roulette wheels that feature this en prison rule are rare and usually are high-limit (bigger minimum bets).

3. Refer to past winning numbers. It is a fallacy to think that past numbers can in some way predict future winning numbers; they can't. Yet the fact remains that we seldom see the same number appear many times. Some roulette wheels display past winning numbers. If you want some type of betting system, use this as a reference to decide what number to bet on.

4. Choose a single number carefully and bet on it. This is how you do it: Watch the roulette wheel spin for many spins. Get a feel for what number you think is "due" to appear soon. Of course, no number is ever "due" to appear but it is likely that a number will appear sooner or later since the spin is different each time and no number is favored.

5. If you are willing to take big risks for a chance at bigger payoffs, make wagers with fewer numbers, the so-called "inside" bets such as single-number, two-number splits, streets and corners. For smaller but more frequent wins, bet on the "outside" bets: columns, evens and groups. If you don't know, the "even" bets cover odd/even, black/red and high/low numbers. Groups split the 36 numbers into 3 groups of 12 numbers each.

Note: The "en prison" rule is simple: If you make an even bet and the balls hits zero, the bet is "in prison." If the next spin gives you a losing bet, it is only then that you lose your money. This reduces the house edge.

Roulette is a good game to play. Play it when you get tired of strategy games like blackjack and poker. Like slots and baccarat, roulette needs minimum to no skill at all to play. But unlike slots it plays slowly enough so as not to be too expensive. And unlike baccarat, it doesn't have complicated scoring rules.